Hello everyone! Thank you so much for stopping over at my little place in the blog world. I am the one of the left in the picture!

You clicked on the “About Me” tab so you obviously wanted to learn a little about me. Here it goes…I am a twenty-something year old girl. I graduated from college this past May with a degree in Marketing and Business Logistics and am now starting the next chapter of my life. I recently moved to Cville, Virginia for an amazing job with an online marketing firm but moved here not knowing a single person. I have been forced to step outside my comfort zone and am loving it.

I was introduced to the blog world about 2 years ago when a friend from college’s sister started a blog. I continued to read her blog weekly but it was not until I graduated college that I started to read more blogs and look forward to finishing my morning workouts so I could eat breakfast and read blog posts. My family kept encouraging me to start a blog but I was nervous about failure and putting myself out there on the internet for people to see and possibly judge me. Then, one day I decided to was time to “man up” and do it. My blog’s name came from the fact that I love to constantly be busy, have a hard time staying still, recently moved to a new city and that I am a vegetarian. I am a huge fan of lists so I am going to finish this post with a list of random facts about me:

1. I love baking but cooking has recently grown on me.

2. My favorite forms of exercise are spinning, body pump and running…in that order.

3. I am originally from Upstate New York, went to college in Cleveland, OH and now live in Charlottesville, VA.

4. My first love was Wegmans Food Market. If you have ever been there, you would understand.

5. I love being spontaneous and am always up for a new challenge.

6. I have been sky-diving and cliff jumping.

7. I have one leg longer than the other which is my main excuse for my klutzness.

8. I try to work out 6 days a week but life happens so that does not always go as planned.

9. I am a pretty big Navy fan. Go Navy! Beat Army! Sorry to all those Army fans out there, I had to do it.

10. I could live off of peanut butter.

11. I love oatmeal, smoothies, cereal, zucchini bread, carrot sticks, greek yogurt, granola, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, potatoes, fruit salad, soy milk, broccoli, blueberries and clif kid z bars – honey graham.

12. I end every cardio machine workout with  14 seconds at the end of my time….it’s weird, I know so don’t make fun.

Thank you all for stopping by. I will slowly update this page but that is it for now. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have!! Have a wonderful day and come back again 🙂

**The header on my page was designed by my college roommate a few years ago. She made it so it included pictures that symbolized things that made her think of me. The pictures were compiled by her so I do not take credit for them and am unable to provide the sources of them.**


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