Playing catch-up!

Hello Friends!

I am sorry for starting this blog and then going MIA for the second time! I feel awful but things are starting to slow down and I am finding my routine which combined leave me to have a little more time.

I am going to do a picture recap of the time I missed. I was having a very rough time when I first moved here so I have tried to make every effort to meet people and find a routine so I feel more “at home” here since this is technically my new “home.” That concept is still very strange to me since I often refer to Rochester (where I grew up) as my home and Charlottesville is a temporary place, like school. However, that is NOT true so I am trying to make Charlottesville feel like “home.”

Here are some pictures for you: (sorry about the quality, they were taken on my phone since my camera was stolen but I am getting a camera over Thanksgiving!)


















These are random eats from the last time I posted. My top two favorites were the smoothie that included: pineapple chobani yogurt, frozen banana, and Silk soy milk light vanilla. Simple and delicious! My second favorite was the spinach bites, pictured last. They are meant for children and when I purchased them at Whole Foods, the cashier gave me a strange look. I did buy Sushi, Pumpkin beer and these spinach bites at one time. So I guess that is a random selection. :-/

My workouts since the last time consisted of running for Pile on the Miles (POTM) through / spinning / Body Pump / and swimming.

I promise to try to be better at this. See you soon 🙂

KM! (like the new signature??)








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