I’m back already!

Hey friends!!

Can you believe that I already have another post? 2 in 1 day, this is CRAZY! I guess it is because I just miss you and the blog so much. Lets hope it stays that way and I learn to post once a day, or at least every other day!

Today was a very productive day, a day that makes me very happy :-)! My alarm went off this morning at 5:20am. When I finally heard it (side note: I am a deeper sleeper and it takes a lot to actually wake me up, opps!), I wanted to turn it off and sleep another hour and half. But I knew that once I got to the gym, waking up would totally become worth it. So what did I do? I rolled out of bed and into the bathroom, changed into running clothes, brushed my teeth and put my contacts in, grabbed my ipod and sneakers and was out the door in 12 minutes. As soon as I got to the gym, I got on the treadmill and ran about 3.25 miles before hitting the Stairmaster as a cool down. After some ab work and crunches, I got back in my car to go shower and get ready for work. I made record time in showering, packing breakfast and lunch, and straightening the mess of hair I have and was out the door in 40 minutes.

The next 9 hours were spent at work, where a lot of things were done and successful which makes me happy! I also got an afternoon break from work for an hour and tutored at a local elementary school. On Tuesday and Thursday, I take a late lunch and volunteer as a tutor near work. I LOVE it!

This was a poster in the classroom today and thought I would share. As a child, I would not admit this is true but now, after looking back, it could not have been said any better. Seeing many of the children in the tutor program, I have noticed most care more about what others think of them rather than learning life lessons and classroom work. It is hard to change their mindset but one day, they will understand and be telling their kids this. Funny how that works, is it?!

Oh Lunch! Today, I brought bread to toast before making a peanut butter and apple sandwich. Here is a picture:

As you see, I was pretty hungry so by the time my camera was out, lunch was almost done. Also with the sandwich, I had some pringles (courtesy of my company’s snack closet)  and celery. There was also plenty of these throughout today (and everyday for that matter):

After work, I drove home and found a package at my door! It was from my parents and included some things I requested but had some surprises as well. My mom baked mini pumpkin muffins, Health magazine and some coupons 🙂 Too bad Greys Anatomy is not new tonight or else, today would just be amazing!

One last thing, I decided which Half Marathon I am doing this coming Spring 2012. I will be participating in the CareFirst Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon on March 17, 2012 with my best friend from high school, Gretchen. I do not have any time goals, except to finish! More to come…

Since I started this blog, I have not been the greatest at writing posts consistently. I am planning on having a goal post on what I hope to achieve in this blog, in fitness and in health.

See you soon 🙂



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