Decision made.

Hello everyone!

I am back and have made a decision. I am writing it down so I stick to it. I have been wanting to run a half marathon for a few years now but I have come up with one excuse after another. But this time, NO EXCUSES! I have decided to run my first half marathon this coming Spring 2012. I do not know which I will register for yet but I plan on choosing one either in my hometown in Upstate NY or closer to where I am living now, in Virginia or Maryland. As soon as I make my decision, before Thanksgiving 2o11, I will post it. But first, does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for one?

There are two main reasons I have decided that no more excuses can be used and I need to run one. First, I am struggling with my new move to a city of knowing no one with a new job, living arrangement and away from family and friends. I am hoping by focusing on training, my mind will stop focusing on my current struggles. In addition to helping with change of focus, but this may help me find my workout routine. I am someone who thrives off a routine and schedule so this could definitely help bring me back to that life.

Second, I have been in a workout rut. I need something to train for and focus on to feel my best. After training for a Sprint Triathlon last summer (July 2010), I have realized that my workouts are a lot better when I have something to aim for. Knowing that  I will have an upcoming half marathon to run, I will be able to have a schedule of running, cross-training and lifting.

Now that it is out, I need to get to some researching on the half marathon best for me and my schedule. I will also be posting more of my workouts and meals. I cannot promise every day with my schedule with work, volunteering and workouts combined all keep me very busy but I will try as frequently as possible.

Thanks for reading! I am excited to hear about any of your half marathon suggestions 🙂



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