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Today is the day.

Hii everyone!

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a few months now but have been making up excuses for not doing it for too long!!

This weekend was my first full weekend spent in my new home in Charlottesville, VA. I moved here a little over two weeks ago but the last weekend I visited my college roommate in her new hometown of Washington DC. Then this weekend was scheduled to be my first weekend here to explore and I was even lucky enough to have my first visitor this weekend too. A friend from high school decided to visit and help me explore Cville. She got in Friday night so we went to dinner on the Downtown Mall then came back to my apartment, had a glass of wine and fell asleep. We both had long weeks of work, workouts and a few other things taking a lot of energy this week so it was nice to get to bed relatively early.

For dinner on Friday, we went to Positively 4th Street. After deciding what we were in the mood for, I suggested this restaurant. I had been there once before and knew it was casual, decently priced and tasty. We were not in the mood to put something nice on and wanted something quick since it was 9pm by the time she arrived to town.


My friend, Gretchen, had emailed me during the week requesting to go to Bodo’s Bagel after hearing about it from someone she works with in Greensboro, NC. So Saturday morning, we went to Bodo’s Bagels. The line was out the door and filled with UVA football fans. It was Homecoming weekend so the city of Cville was hoping. She knew it must be good with the line so long. We waited patiently and ten minutes later, walked outside and ate our hot, delicious bagels. I had my favorite Sesame Bagel with natural, crunchy peanut butter. Gretchen tried an egg and cheese sandwich. If you ever see a Bodo’s Bagel, I highly recommend stopping there, you will not be disappointed!


After leaving full, we decided to walk around the UVA campus and then head over to the Farm Market but we got there right when everyone was packing up. There is always next week. Instead, we walked to the other side of the Downtown Mall and went to the Charlottesville Chocolate Festival. We sampled a few different chocolates and ended up purchasing a “chocolate pop” for Gretchen and a chocolate inspired  trail mix for me! Yummy, we shared the trail mix and already half gone!

Once finishing trying as many samples as possible, we decided to walk around the neighborhoods of Cville. Before long, Gretchen came up with a genius idea of going to a Winery. I pulled out my Driod, looked some popular Vineyards up and within ten minutes were in the car on our way to the Kings Family Vineyard, just outside of Cville. We participated in a short wine tasting and came away with free wine glasses…winning!! Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of this adventure 😦

After the tasting, we decided to venture down the road to Chiles Peach Orchard. We walked through the orchards and were able to take in some amazing views. Here are some pictures I took:








A busy morning and afternoon left us needing a nap. We came back to my apartment and each took cat naps. After resting up, we went to see Footloose. I highly recommend seeing it. The ticket prices are steeper here than back home but it was worth seeing it! Here is a preview:


Time to go to spinning class and maybe a mile or three warm-up.Thank you all for reading and have a fabulous rest of the day. Come back soon!!